2022 Stories

The Amazing Life of Amos Bennett – This is a wonderful story told by Amos.  He was not your typical cowboy.  He had the bravery of a snake wrestler, the stamina of a triathlon athlete, and the brains to . . . . . .  well, come and see what we’re talking about.

The KKK  – Have you ever wondered how the KKK got started and it’s history?  This is told through the eyes of a pastor who used to live here.

The Blacksmith – Working with iron is no easy task.  Come learn from one of the best, he will make the old west come to life.

The Unsinkable Molly Rink – She is Northwest Colorado’s unsinkable Molly. She was an uneducated backwoods girl who went from rags to riches.  If only she knew she did!

Fact or Fiction    Come join in the fun by being one of our contestants on our gameshow, ‘Fact or Fiction’ about Northwest Colorado.  We can’t do it without you!

William H. Tucker   He was one of the founding fathers of Craig.  Told by a true historian – Dan Davidson.  History will come to life!

Beryl Kleitz   This is a must about how the Wyman Museum got started.  It is told by Lou’s daughter and is a real delight in getting to know some of the common folk here in Craig.

The Wyman’s and their history.   The Wyman’s moved to this area in 1900.  Talk about an interesting family, with passions that led them onto accomplish more than most ever dream about.