Mission Statement

The Craig Historic Walk (formerly ghost walk), is an event that offers the entire family the opportunity to get outside and learn the local history. Community volunteers memorize and perform short stories encapsulating local historic events. The stories are meant to be informative and fun.

The walking tour begins at the main staging location where a tour guide takes groups around to the different stations. The entire tour can take up to an hour and a half, depending on the number of stories scheduled. For those that are not able to do the walking tour, there is a sit-down performance with all the same stories and actors.

The stories are clean historical, and sometimes hysterical, fun. Painstaking effort goes into accurately portraying the historical event.

The Wyman Living History Museum

Come enjoy ‘History Come to Life’, with a dramatic flair and surrounded by a plethora of rare historic artifacts that Lou Wyman has been collecting for over 64 years!  Many of our new stories will include tales of times and people who lived near the Museum.  The Museum not only houses a main building, but several outbuildings and a live Elk!

Volunteers – Come Join the Fun!

We are searching for volunteers who enjoy history and have a passion for sharing it.  Every year we try to step it up and have discovered we lack the people to do this.  Please consider committing your talents and a small amount of time, to making this a success.  We need not only performers, but guides, stagehands, and behind the scenes people.  If you are interested, please fill out the form below. We will be glad to share with you and answer any questions you may have.

Craig Historic Walk 2022

The History of Northwest Colorado Comes Alive!

Saturdays, October 1st & 8th, 2022

Wyman Living History Museum

3.3 Miles East of Craig on US Hwy 40

October 1, 4:30 PM ‘sit-down’ performance, complete with Power-Point and Music

October 1st & 8th Walking tours starting at 5:00 pm, leaving every 15 minutes, with the last tour starting at 7:30.

Some changes for 2022.  We have changed our name from Craig Historic Ghost Walk to Craig Historic Walk.  Why the change?  Although the program has not changed, we feel this better reflects what we do.

We are already preparing for our 2022 program which will be Saturday, October 1st & 8th.  This year it will be held at the Wyman Living History Museum, just 3.3 Miles east of Craig on Hwy 40.  What a special chance to enjoy history at its fullest.  See highlights of the Wyman Museum here.

You’ve been part of the Historic Walk before?  This will be our best season yet!  We have many new stories as well as a few favorites from years past.  With the backdrop of The Wyman Living History Museum, what more could you ask for?

Never been?  You’ve got to come to experience it!